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I want people to know that the Internet is not safe for anyone. Especially for young teens girls and boys alike. Share your story or ask for advice on something and we will gladly help. If you are not sure it is always better to ask first beforehand.


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Hello :) Von: starlover412
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Hello and welcome to the group! Feel free to introduce yourself and share your story.

hello Von: dianne.0
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i agree with you

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Hi Dianne,

Please feel welcome to add your knowledge/experience to the threads.

Scam or rip-off? Von: Chris-Jean
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Which? Consumer Rights

It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between a scam and a dubious offer. If you've been misled by an offer, you have rights which providers can’t breach.

For something to be considered an offence under the Fraud Act the perpetrator must intend to steal from their victim or have intent to perpetrate a fraud. For example, if you pay for a service that doesn't exist because the provider is... mehr anzeigen

Trojan found in more than 100 Android apps on Google Play Store Von: Anthony Haven
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Trojan found in more than 100 Android apps on Google Play Store Poisoned apps steal confidential information and serve up ads

Researchers have uncovered a new strain of advertising spyware in more than 100 Android apps downloadable from the official Google Play Store.

The research team at Russian security firm Doctor Web first added the... mehr anzeigen

Trojan found in more than 100 Android apps on Google Play Store Researchers have uncovered a new strain of advertising spyware in more than 100 Android apps downloadable from the official Google Play Store.
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Thank you for sharing this information, Anthony! This news will be of great benefit to any of our members who opt to purchase & download books/publish & sell their books via GooglePlay.

Giving out Personal Info Von: starlover412
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I know Chris sort of covered this with her wonderful post about 2 weeks ago.

But I gotta say I've been noticing more and more people messaging about their personal information on here. I know Bookrix strives to be a safe place for people to come and read and write and make friends, but when you start giving out phone numbers, and what's up app numbers, and instagram names, etc...I mean some of them even put the info right on... mehr anzeigen

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I totally agree with you, Starlover! If you think of this in the larger picture approx. %33 (one-third) of your BookRix friends sent you private messages containing their details. This in itself is worrying enough ... but what is more frightening is that the majority of these... mehr anzeigen


Exactly!!! It's crazy....and over half the people who send out messages like that I don't even talk to....I like their books and support their writing, but I don't talk to them on a regular basis. I'm like sitting here baffled at how someone could send their info out like that.... mehr anzeigen

Hacked legitimate sites Von: Chris-Jean
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By Nick Mediati, PCWorld

Drive-by downloads that download/install malware to your pc when you visit a site - without you realizing it. Such downloads can happen just about anywhere. Some sites are built to lure people into a drive-by download; but in a common attack method, criminals will hack a Web page, often on an otherwise legitimate site, and insert code that will download malware to your computer.
If You Have to Go There:... mehr anzeigen

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Anthony Haven

Yeah unfortunately this is becoming a big thing. In an ever-growing age of cyber warfare, It was a huge problem in deep web before finding it's way to the surface web (which is what we all surf) Malwayre Bytes is a pretty good program i find useful. Also a couple of other good... mehr anzeigen


Thank you Anthony. Your help is greatly appreciated.


U make great points Anthony....I just hate that cell phones...and even web browsers ask for your location now a days....even when your using as something as easy as the google search bar. It makes it extremely dangerous. I mean I can google something and it'll pop up saying this... mehr anzeigen

Anthony Haven

No problem CJ.

Starlover, Tools -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Content Settings, and change the radio button on the location tab to "Do not allow".

Hope this helps. I'm not quite certain if it will mess with functionality of other apps you may have that use it.

Also, you may... mehr anzeigen

Malicious PDFs that try to fool you into installing malware Von: Chris-Jean
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Nick Mediati, PCWorld

As Microsoft has become more serious about Windows security over the past few years, would-be attackers have had to find new ways to infect PCs. Attacking flaws in Adobe Acrobat is one of these newer methods. So-called poisoned PDFs are PDF files that have been crafted in such a manner that they trigger bugs in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat; posted on a hijacked Website, they may let an attacker... mehr anzeigen

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Andreas BookRix-Administrator

If you recieve an e-mail containing an attachment in pdf file format, please first check the complete mail address of the e-mail. Let's say, you've just got a mail by your local bank, please not only check the sender's real name, but also the full address including top level... mehr anzeigen


Thank you for posting this!!! This actually happened to me entire computer got a virus. It took forever for it to get fixed too because the virus was that bad.


We have come to rely so much on our computers that it becomes a great inconvenience when it crashes. I found the video below helpful:

How to remove a computer virus / malware A simple, easy and free way to remove a virus or malware. Music by longzijun
Andreas BookRix-Administrator

A word on crashes:
You should save your system data as well as all your documents to a read-only medium like a DVD whenever possible.
On Windows there is an option to create an emergency backup to DVDs. This option should be used. It creates a system DVD which can boot the... mehr anzeigen


Thank you Andreas for sharing your great tip.

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