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ignored comedy

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ever want to make others laugh with stories of your past but no one cares, don't worry this place is for those who love to laugh and share funny stories of all sorts and if it's true that makes it twice as funny and if you just want a laugh then you found the right place


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weekend chaos with fiance... rated pg-13 or rated R depends on how you look at it Von: penguin lover
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ok so me, my fiance, and my best friend hannah was hanging out, everything was cool we were cleaning, listening to music, and then we decided to take a break, well we sat in the livingroom and my fiance was having a creative moment and we had lots of markers but no paper, so what do I do thinking it'll be something sweet and cool? I volunteer to let her draw on me, So I sat down she lifted the back of my shirt and she started... mehr anzeigen

senior prank plans Von: penguin lover
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I am not what anyone would consider cool, cute, or fashionable, I hate fashion! so at school I am the disturbing comedian who likes to stay away from those pink wearing clones anyways I have an idea for senior prank this year and I already have a hacker, and blow up dolls..... my friends are going to hack the P.A system and while all teachers and principals are distracted I am going to place blow up dolls of celebrities in... mehr anzeigen

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