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Hub for Writers of Erotica

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A group for those who write erotic short stories, sexy fan fiction, and erotica ebooks for kindle, etc. Here, I would like to see us discuss how to get our books out there, writing tips, etc. Please be respectful of others, and no trolling.***Only 18 and over please***


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I'm Trying to find an active Erotica Group Von: BrianMcElf
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I have just now begun to explore an area of erotica that has drawn me in and changed my world. I am attempting to bring real love stories to incest erotica because only after my mother passed away and I read about incest, but in a different light than society wishes to see. My mother had a horrible life because of men who were total …..the words just aren't powerful enough to describe these pieces of s*** Had I known that I... mehr anzeigen

Need opinions Von: Gelöschter User
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Hey peeps I published a romantic erotica "Pillowtalk". I'm trying to write something like this for the first time(although it's under editing) and I need honest opinions about it. Do check out my book if ya get some time. Also comment what you think about it and tell me where I need to improve.

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Laura XO

Be more descriptive

Sexual Desires Von: MJ
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Hey guys, so I need tips on how to better enhance my erotic sex scenes in my new book called X's and O's.

If we can all just gather and support eachother like why the group was made in the first place. I believe we can really help everyone in this group become great writers

Website for anyone who wants to check it out:

Help here pls Von: Laura XO
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Hi guys! So I'm going to write a book about my sexual experiences over the years. The question is: should I make up some stories or keep it real for the readers?

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Laura XO


H, J, Macey.

Like you, I have had no response from anyone in this grope.

Laura XO

.... Then this group is bad

H, J, Macey.

Ok, then it's up to us to revive it, Hi my name is Henry, read my profile Laura


I usually like to do a bit of both. keep it mostly real, but you can embellish here and there and insert your fantasies into the writing to bring the to reality. Thats the fun for me i think.

hey im new Von: Gelöschter User
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hey im new

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welcome Dreamgirl3450, sorry for the late welcome but hope you feel at home here

Is there anyone active in this group or have you all gone senile in the last 9 months please tell... Von: H, J, Macey.
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Is there anyone active in this group or have you all gone senile in the last 9 months please tell me I'm not alone

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I feel like people are active, but majority it seems have been caught up in their own lives to remember this group

ROFL Von: Lord Darius Blackburne
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so, i was in CVS the other day, browsing for my Playroom.....i legit about died when a worker asked if i needed help finding anything
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Omg me

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