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Harry Potter Seekers

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A place for harry potter fans only,like a protest that harry potter should live forever


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When did you start reading Harry Potter? Von: WordzForNerdz
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When did you first start the series? What did you think? Did you start with #1 or a different book?

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I bought Book 1 when it first came out in America, and read it out loud to my kids with my best "British" accent for the dialogue, my own for the narrative.


I enjoyed it so much, we pre-ordered Book 2 as soon as it was announced, lol. Von: Gelöschter User
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Sorting,patronus and wands

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What about them?

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It's a website where you can do these things.


Ah, okay - the pottemore link. Got it - thanks, lol.

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I am a big fan of Harry Potter!I have seen every movie.I even wizard duel with my friends and fam... Von: Swords&Shields
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I am a big fan of Harry Potter!I have seen every movie.I even wizard duel with my friends and family.I have only lost one duel and it was because the person could talk faster than I can. Thank you so much.I am furious that J.K. Rowling is going to stop making harry potter books.

A Memoir by Professor Snape Von: judycolella
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This is my attempt at a humorous take on the pre-Harry Potter days, and is about an encounter at Hogwarts between Professor Snape and a muggle who somehow manages to catch the Hogwarts Express and make it to the gates of the castle...

Hope you like it. ')

She Who Could Not Be Zapped. From the Secret Journals of Professor Snape Among the journal entries of the late Professor Severus Snape has been found an unusual memoir. It chronicles the occurrences of the day, several years before the coming of Harry Potter to Hogwarts...
HP Fanfic Von: Arianna Waters
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Hey! If you want to read fifth book of the awesome series by J.K.R. rewritten with a HUGE twist, do check out PRIORI INCANTATEM on my profile!

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