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Handoff Writing fanfiction ( Just for fun)

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Me and my best friend have fun writing fan fiction for our favorite shows and find fun and interesting ways to add then together Its being done in the hand off writing, which is something i learned in college it is where You write a piece and another person writes another line the only difference is we use our Favorite shows... here's a list of our favorite shows we have started fan fiction... Mehr anzeigen


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Will be starting the First Handoff story Friday Von: E Cee Kalie
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Be sure to be on the look out :)

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How are you handing off? Will the story go back to you and you forward to the next writer? Patiently waiting for my turn.....

E Cee Kalie

You can start if you want also. You write as much as you want and then one of us will write another part. Sorry ive been busy had a some medical issues arise yesterday and still dealing with.

hi Von: Gelöschter User
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whatcha doing?

E Cee Kalie

trying to do a million and one things going at once LOL

Gelöschter User

me too

Hello Von: E Cee Kalie
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feel free to list your favorite shows or movies. And feel free to start writing. Remember its a hand-off writing style so you never know where its going to go.

i like writing fan fiction for my favorite tv show bonanza Von: Gelöschter User
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i like writing fan fiction for my favorite tv show bonanza

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