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The Greymen Universe is a collection of stories based around the Greymen Order. A cult of peacekeepers doing whatever they can to survive and adapt in an everchanging world.
Living by the morals, Peace at any cost, Loyalty in blood and Relentless spirit.
This group specifically is to tell the stories of the Main order, Mockingbird division who specialize in intelligence and espionage.
Raven division... Mehr anzeigen


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She called me a Monster Von: GM_Kayd
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Once I'd finally completed my training with the order they allowed me to go back home for a few weeks whilst they finalized the details of my newfound work and essentially erasing my identity.
They didn't give me much in terms of weapons apart from a knife and a burner phone, I was supposed to blend in and avoid anything if not everything. But walking around my home town of New York at night for a simple milk run for my Dad... mehr anzeigen

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