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I pretty much created this group for anyone who loves Glee. Anyone can join.

Well, if you love Glee as much as I do, your mother might have suggested changing your name to "Gleek" and tattooing it on your forehead. (No, that's just me.) I'm obsessed with Glee. Seriously, I freaked out when I ran out of episodes. "No! I have to wait until they release Season 4!!!"
If you're a Gleek, join this group,... Mehr anzeigen


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Hey there guys! Von: kittiesrawesomeb
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Sorry, I don't go on this website a lot. I'm going to be on here more now, though.
Introduction time!

Name: Tianna (give me a nickname if you want)

Favorite Character: Blaine

Favorite Episode: Hmm...I'm not sure I have one...

OTP/ship(s): My OTP is klaine (Kurt/Blaine).

First letter of your best friend's name(s): L and G

Favorite song/band/genre/album(s): Relient K, currently

Favorite book(s): The Fault in Our Stars, Perks of Being a... mehr anzeigen

glee is so awsum!!!!!!i espesially luv mersadies!!!!! Von: lannah england
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glee is so awsum!!!!!!i espesially luv mersadies!!!!!

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