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Give vampires a chance is a group that would read and discuss books about vampires.


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Who wants to help me write a vampire book? Von: Principessa di Bitches
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Who wants to help me write a vampire book?

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Principessa di Bitches

You can start different plots, and we can decide what plots would be better for the book


OK, I have a couple ideas first one being a covenant of vampires who have been living in the shadows in hiding from humans who hunt them. They are just about extinct and the few vampires who remain are tired of the way things are now and want to do a mass recruitment in order to... mehr anzeigen

Principessa di Bitches

I like that, that's really good :)

??? Von: Gelöschter User
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same here fantasybabe

hi Von: Crystal_
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hi im crystal and i love vamp book and any thing supernatural if yall have some good suggestions tell me!!thanks!

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Here's a short one:

It's not typical, but it does involve a vampire, lol.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Blood. The Unpleasant Truth About Vampires Something in the dark is hungry - not beautiful, mysterious, powerful, romantic, handsome - hungry. And all it can feed on are those who represent what the hungry ones once were. Nothing pleasant a...


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