Girls & Boys Hangout Group

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Friendly! Chat Group for ALL genders!
1. No swearing
2.No Bullying
3.Talk of no gross and inappropriate things
4. Advertisement is allowed (for groups and books only!)
5. Have fun!


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Any one wanna apply? For admin and mod! Von: KitKat
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It will be easy! I am not so active :c so Yeah!
1. Msg me (name it Application For Moderator or Admin)
2. Fill in these questions + answers
(1.) What do you want? (mod or admin)
(2.) Why do you want it?
(3.) Username (on bookrix)
(4.)Additional Comments? (to improve the group)
3. Follow Rules (will reply it after accepted)
NOTE) If I don't see them I will go and reply, they are posted for the accepted on this post.

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hi to everyone :) Von: Gelöschter User
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hi to everyone :)

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Amanda Kay

hi there (:

Gelöschter User

how are u :)

Gelöschter User


Amanda Kay

Tired lol you?

Gelöschter User

i'm good

hey I new and looking for friends send me a request PLZ!!!!!!!!! Von: Gelöschter User
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hey I new and looking for friends
send me a request PLZ!!!!!!!!!

still bored............ Von: Furry-lover
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anyone wanna talk now i can talk for the next hour??? anyone wanna talk???

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ok :]

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