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This group is designed for those of us who love to write but have trouble starting. You don't have to share your most brilliant ideas, just give us a sentence or even a single word that could inspire a story. Every little bit helps!


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For me, the most difficult part about writing is starting something new. I thought that maybe we ... Von: bookzilla
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For me, the most difficult part about writing is starting something new. I thought that maybe we could help each other with this. Kind of like an assignment. When I was in school and the Writer's Craft teacher gave us something to write about (an idea, a guideline, a hint) I found myself filled with creativity. For example, he would say, "Today, you have to write something that has to do with Memory." And then we could come... mehr anzeigen

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I remember going to the drive-in movie with my two daughters, it was a Sunday night ritual for us!


Here's a word: mystery


Mystery is a good genre because you can combine it with pretty much any other genre. My favourite is mixing mystery with comedy - like Sherlock Holmes or Terry Pratchett.

How about these ideas to start of a story if you need one:
1. A woman/man who is lost in an unknown city.
2.... mehr anzeigen


thanks for your ideas.

michelle.brumble, i think a story that revolves around a drive-in would be really great - so many things could come from that!

terrex, i agree with rebeckdawn, mystery is such a great genre for ideas!

rebeckdawn, i would really like to read a story about... mehr anzeigen

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