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Get Me Published

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Come on in and meet others like yourself who want to “get published."

In this group, feel free to ask questions and start discussions about using BookRix, promoting and marketing your work, publishing your book(s) and much more!


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Find out more about one of BookRix bestselling authors: Von:
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100% inspiring. Thank you so much !


She has sold all those books with very little marketing! Good, informative interview.


I liked this a lot.

Searching for the greatest short stories. Von: Ryan
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Hello, my name is Ryan Church. I have created a website called A website whose sole purpose is to search out and publish the very best fiction currently being written today. I believe that my site could one day revolutionize the world of publishing. Now, I am sure you think this is, shall we say, unrealistic. Fair enough, but I still believe it. I don’t expect to become the only destination... mehr anzeigen

To write or not to write a fiction novel about Hitler? Von: luisahobbywriter
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I just heard about Andreas Eschbach's NSA few days ago and maybe the description of the book on Amazon brought me to the idea to write a fiction novel called "the reincarnation of Hitler". The chancellor of Germany will have to stop the third world war, but he gets sick. Unknown virus makes him stronger and more intelligent than before. While doctors believe he should die because of the virus in his body they are amazed about... mehr anzeigen

How to find the most profitable Kindle Keywords Von: alexg123
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I grew tired of expensive keyword search tools, so I created mine. It's free instead of $50 and only focuses on keywords related to books and ebooks.

Bonus: you get the bestseller books related to successful keywords and the revenue they generate.

Past 3 queries per day, the cost is only $2, which is still 15 to 100 times less expensive than the competition.

I hope it will help you... mehr anzeigen

Kindle Keyword Search Tool: Search Amazon Book Keywords For SEO - Kindle Ranker Find relevant long tail keywords using the Kindle Keyword Search tool and increase your Kindle sales on Amazon and other publishing platforms
Hi Von: Creepyandweird
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Hey I made a book and I want to know if it’s a good book...soo I was wondering if you can check it out for me and message me if there is any errors. By the way my book it called “killer rain” soo yeah...hope it’s good and all

Narratives which Inspire you and gets you Transfixed Von: avissiva281
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The following link contains two short stories which I personally have written on my own……I wish to receive honest comments about it.

I really like to thank for spending your Time and energy to read my story…..Thanks in advance…

Content Creator/Writer Von: SelfConfidenceMagazine
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"Hello Everyone

Magik here from
We are looking for talented writers/curators/any kind content creators for our magazine.
We have categories like Lifehacks, Money, Relationship, Heath and Career.
Each writers gets own profile on to post the content.
We are non-paying (or little) at the moment but this will change soon.
Please read on for submission guidelines.
We also... mehr anzeigen

Home Self Confidence Magazine
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