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Is your piece of work related to a book, a movie, a t.v. show. etc. well now here is a community you can add as easy as ABC : PAll invited to write!! : )


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Star Wars: KOTOR 2 Von: H. Elizabeth
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Hi, everybody!
Sorry to be like everyone else but if anyone has the time, I would love some feedback on my first chapter of a KOTOR 2 fanfic I'm working on called "Wounded". Thank you so much!

Hey could you all read my fan fiction for the band Queen called lovers????? Von: Gelöschter User
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Hey could you all read my fan fiction for the band Queen called lovers?????

SORRY! Von: r16ckelemen
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I am so sorry! I got into the websites and and totally stopped coming here to bookrix.
I mean I have school and all but should at least check up on bookrix for the amazing people here, but i've been so out of it. Again I Am So Extremely Sorry!
Please Forgive Me

wait a month Von: r16ckelemen
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do me a favor people of this amazing group and wait about a month for me to finally get down to giving comments on books. since school is almost over it is getting harder and harder to visit here. stupid finals, but i promise i will comment. keep writing PLEASE! : P

Curious Von: judycolella
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This is a fan-fiction site, so I figured people here would read works of fan-fic that have been posted. I've been working steadily on my Ocarina story, yet no one has taken the time to even look at it, really. I don't mind all that much - I can ask my friends to give it a quick read, because all I'm really after are comments and critiques. Being put on someone's "Favorites" list doesn't help me write better or make... mehr anzeigen

Ocarina Of Time Fan Fic Update Von: judycolella
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I decided to switch things up a little. I added a bunch of stuff to "Child of the Forest," but deleted everything after chapter 8. I took all of that and made it the beginning of Book 2, "Key Quest" and that one will end when Link enters the Sacred Realm. Book 3 will follow his adventures as grow-up Link. Just thought you should know. On the other hand, I don't think anyone has even read the first book yet, except for a few... mehr anzeigen

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hello members, i'm deciding on adding one of you as a moderator based on you books, groups, and conversations. if you really don't want to be considered tell me. it is no big deal though i will just be adding your name above and will expect you to visit this group at least once a year. hey, i'm very generous. This is really just a way for me to show off one of you! :P hey at least that is what i believe. i will be either... mehr anzeigen

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hey since no one denied being a moderator by this time i'm guessing your all in! :) but i've been sick for a week so the announcement of the moderator might be a few days off. just to let you know since your all looking forward to the event right...


Hey I'm done! now it was hard to pick but I have :)
if you want to know what might have held you back, well, one easy thing is to comment more : D
okay so I have the moderator as Judycoella
If she wishes not to be moderator than it passes down to Kristina Marie Peaine.

Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Von: Gelöschter User
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Hey! I'm new to this group, but I've decided that I'd post this wherever.

So anyway, I have my own line of Harry Potter fan-fics. As they progress, they steadily get further and further away from the books, but I've gotten quite a few compliments on them all the same. If anyone's interested, the first four books are on my profile!

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hey give me a link to the first book and i'll read when i can :)

Gelöschter User

Yeah, I'm cool. I use the whole URL. Haha. :) Hope you like it!

Hello members, if you are a writer and have a started/finished book you would like to share, whet... Von: r16ckelemen
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Hello members, if you are a writer and have a started/finished book you would like to share, whether it be for comments or for it to be added to favorites please give the Blurb/Summary here and the first paragraph along with the site for an easy way to find your book.

Much appreciated, R16ckelemen

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I've been working on my first attempt at fan fiction:

Title: Child of the Forest

Blurb: (Based on the Nintendo game, "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time") Link is a boy who was raised in the Kokiri Forest, a region of Hyrule. He never met his parents, didn't even realize he had... mehr anzeigen


okay you have pretty good "hook" and you can intrigue the reader which is good. : ) I'll try to read your whole book but I'm a busy person so I'll comment on the book's page when I've finished it.
F.Y.I.~By the way I favorite books before I read them automatically because that... mehr anzeigen


Thanks - I really don't care about being added to favorites; I'm more interested in comments, suggestions, observations and helpful critique. I know what you mean about being busy, lol! So I really appreciate your having taken the time to look at the blurb an opening paragraph.... mehr anzeigen


I just added the 21st chapter to the book, if you or anyone else is interested. I'd really love some kind of feedback on this. Thanks! 'D

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