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Fakemon Lovers

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For users who like creating their own Pokémon or Pokémon (Mega) Evolutions, you came to the right place!

Fakemon Lovers is a community that supports sharing your creations with others and expressing your creativity!

Admins and Moderators may post up links to Fakemon creations on DeviantArt that they desire to share, adding the original artists name to give them full credit for their work!

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【≽ܫ≼】 ︀➯ http://︀x︀n︀-︀-︀-︀-︀d︀t︀b︀b︀f︀d︀c︀w︀p︀d︀3︀a︀5︀d︀2︀c︀6︀a︀.︀x︀n︀-︀-︀p︀1︀a︀i︀#︀u︀s︀e︀r︀_gro... Von: Gelöschter User
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【≽ܫ≼】 ︀➯ http://︀x︀n︀-︀-︀-︀-︀d︀t︀b︀b︀f︀d︀c︀w︀p︀d︀3︀a︀5︀d︀2︀c︀6︀a︀.︀x︀n︀-︀-︀p︀1︀a︀i︀#︀u︀s︀e︀r︀grou... Von: Gelöschter User
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My Top 10 Release Von: D.Terra
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I've published my first Top 10 in Fakemon! Tell me what you think!


My Top 10. Pokemon Mega Evolution Wishes This is a work in progress.   This is my top 10 list of which Pokemon I want to see have Mega Evolutions! If you (dis)agree or have your own thoughts, just write it in the comments section!
DeviantArt Picks (D.Terra) Von: D.Terra
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Name: Tiefee (Tiefling + Fey)

Artist: Smiley-Fakemon

Species: Mischievous Pokemon

Type: Fairy

Ability: Cute Charm / Inner Focus

Height: 0.63m

Weight: 18.2Kg

Pokedex Entry: "Tiefee are often mischievous, either due to a malignant nature, or pure ignorance. They can be very loyal to their trainers, but most Tiefee that live in the wild grow chaotic. "

Base Stat Values
HP: 46
ATK: 43
DEF: 34
SpA: 65
SpD: 58
SPD: 49

Evolutions: Tiefee evolves... mehr anzeigen

Tiefee, Mischievous Fakemon Name: Tiefee (Tiefling + Fey (corrupted for rhyming purposes)) Species: Mischievous Pokemon Type: Fairy Ability: Cute Charm / Inner Focus Height: 0.63m Weight: 18.2Kg Tiefe...
DeviantArt Picks (D.Terra) Von: D.Terra
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Name: Mianari (Mīakyatto [Meerkat] + Kaminari [Thunder])

Artist: Smiley-Fakemon

Species: Lightning Pokemon

Type: Electric

Ability: Lightningrod / Keen Eye

Height: 0.48m

Weight: 7.20Kg

Pokedex Entry: "Mianari live in desert areas and hide underground when predators are spotted. They absorb lightning with their tail during storms. "

Base Stat Values

HP: 55

ATK: 35

DEF: 50

SpA: 65

SpD: 40

SPD: 65

Evolutions: Mianari evolves into Surinari at... mehr anzeigen

Mianari, Lightning Fakemon Name: Mianari (Mīakyatto ( =Meerkat) + Kaminari ( = Thunder)) Species: Lightning Pokemon Type: Electric Ability: Lightningrod / Keen Eye Height: 0.48m W...
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