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Naughty Group

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Welcome to you, curious reader or writer! This Erotica group is the best for you to find more about how to write your sexy stories or make them be better or how to enjoy sex at the fullest. So please do not be shy to post here your curiosities because we will be glad to hear them.


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Announce! Von: Allon :P
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Wichtiger Beitrag

I would like to announce that from this day, this group will have again moderators. And not some random ones, some ones that I can trust. I want to congratulate Laura XO and Silver_Blade for becoming the moderators of this group! Good job you two :)

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Allon :P

Hmm...this is crazy

♥ davebccanada ♥

Not that it matters, but... it's hard to be the sole administrator since you can't be there all the time. One of those things you live with, I guess. LOL

Allon :P

Don't be so harsh on yourself, Dave.

Erotica Von: H, J, Macey.
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Wichtiger Beitrag

Erotica is no longer accepted for sale in any of BookRix outlets I have just been told, that's three parts of my work down the toilet

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♥ davebccanada ♥

I just added a new one and had no problem. It's
Check it out.

Allon :P

We ain't going anywhere. At least...without a fight. ^^

H, J, Macey.

I have just read into Dave's newly released and am at a difficult place. should I stay mute or should I confront BookRix for accepting Dave's book and not my own? but then that would risk having him looked at???

Tribute for our Allon! Von: Laura XO
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Wichtiger Beitrag

So I was wandering on this group and saw the post about what's your sex IQ. Then I started to look at older post dated from 2 years ago. And now I see that they have been deleted.
Now I understand what Allon had told me....
I feel him, some great memories were here, and some of the worst.
I want this to be a tribute for my new favorite writter!
Allon, sorry if you will get mad but this have to be said.
He definitely misses the... mehr anzeigen

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Laura XO

Aaaa. I see

H, J, Macey.

That's the thing about sexology, you must go on your knees and worship at the temple of love.

Laura XO

That's sooo right!

Pros and Cons of Sluts Von: Allon :P
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Wichtiger Beitrag

-they have sex whenever they like it
-they almost eat for free
-sucks good
-can get everything with their body
-get money too

-no cons

Is this a dream? Von: Allon :P
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Wichtiger Beitrag

I had one of my friend from highschool over my place, Anna. After we chatted for a while I said to her that I'm going to pee. She said she doesn't know if she is that thirsty yet.
Keeping short, this went to Anna started to drink my pee. Later on, I found out that she just developed this fetish.

So...I guess I have a human toiled now?

please can u guys check out my book. you are worth it by frederick abila. i am fifteen years and ... Von: Frederick Abila
2 Kommentare    Öffnen  
Wichtiger Beitrag

please can u guys check out my book. you are worth it by frederick abila. i am fifteen years and would like to make a career in writing but i would need you people to read my book

2 Kommentare
Gelöschter User

At fifteen you shouldn't be on this group???????????????????????

Frederick Abila

sorry. i did not read the description of the group. i just noticed it. i will be leaving very soon. ki am soo sorry

Femdom Pulp-like Mag Von: PulpEroticaFan
2 Kommentare    Öffnen  
Wichtiger Beitrag

Howdy all! New to bookrix and to this group :) I'm starting a new project - a magazine similar in style (though with deviations) to the classic 'Pulp' magazines, with femdom erotica theme - and in addition to print/PDF version I plan on ePub as well. Big project, but will be fun :) So that's me. Just thought I'd say hi.

2 Kommentare
Gelöschter User

Just the thing to liven up this group, I hope your work will be illustrated. Look me up might be able to collaborate in some way. Maybe swap ideas, I have written one story based on the comic's (Girls eaten.)

Awesome News Von: Silver_Blade
2 Kommentare    Öffnen  
Wichtiger Beitrag

so, my book has finally hit the big 50k! as promised i now am starting to bring together a collection of some of my best work and buffing them up for the final production of My Darkest Desires, which when sold, will be available for a dollar a download

2 Kommentare
♥ davebccanada ♥

Wow! Great to hear and congratulations. How does it feel? Where is the movie contract? All good things come to he who has the most patience.



Hello Von: Booklever98
3 Kommentare    Öffnen  
Wichtiger Beitrag

What's up every body

3 Kommentare
H, J, Macey.

Hello yourself who ever you are, tell us about you! Your likes and dislikes, lets get to know you, male or female? Age would be nice!and maybe where you come from. Look forward to reconnecting Henry.

Gelöschter User

Welcome, not much of a profile, but joining this group must mean something, look me up, we may shear an interest?

♥ davebccanada ♥

Welcome to the site and please tell us what you have a passion to write.

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