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Welcome to you, curious reader or writer! This Erotica group is the best for you to find more about how to write your sexy stories or make them be better or how to enjoy sex at the fullest. So please do not be shy to post here your curiosities because we will be glad to hear them.


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Announce! Von: A. Black
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I would like to announce that from this day, this group will have again moderators. And not some random ones, some ones that I can trust. I want to congratulate Laura XO and Silver_Blade for becoming the moderators of this group! Good job you two :)

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Gelöschter User

Not that it matters, but... it's hard to be the sole administrator since you can't be there all the time. One of those things you live with, I guess. LOL

A. Black

Don't be so harsh on yourself, Dave.



Erotica Von: H, J, Macey.
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Erotica is no longer accepted for sale in any of BookRix outlets I have just been told, that's three parts of my work down the toilet

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Gelöschter User

I just added a new one and had no problem. It's
Check it out.

A. Black

We ain't going anywhere. At least...without a fight. ^^

H, J, Macey.

I have just read into Dave's newly released and am at a difficult place. should I stay mute or should I confront BookRix for accepting Dave's book and not my own? but then that would risk having him looked at???

Tribute for our Allon! Von: Laura XO
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So I was wandering on this group and saw the post about what's your sex IQ. Then I started to look at older post dated from 2 years ago. And now I see that they have been deleted.
Now I understand what Allon had told me....
I feel him, some great memories were here, and some of the worst.
I want this to be a tribute for my new favorite writter!
Allon, sorry if you will get mad but this have to be said.
He definitely misses the... mehr anzeigen

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Laura XO

Aaaa. I see

H, J, Macey.

That's the thing about sexology, you must go on your knees and worship at the temple of love.

Laura XO

That's sooo right!

Dark Waiting Von: Gelöschter User
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I found this poem and wanted to share it with all of you:

Dark Waiting

Deftly I avoid
your greedy hands
why do you come for me?
I am your seed!

I awaken at night
to feel you
plummet inside me
my tears and pain
are not your concern

In daylight too
you come for me
I see the torture
in your eyes

I love you
but can never forgive
your theft
of my childhood

I’ve come to expect now
what you do
waiting in the dark
for you to take
what is not yours

Now... mehr anzeigen

help plz Von: Human
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im writing a new erotic novel filled with sex and action, blood and supernatural... but i have no clue what to be about,

any good ideas plz reply

Dads and Daughters group Von: Gelöschter User
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The Dads and Daughters group is looking for new members too. Here's an excerpt of one fun story:

We had food for dinner, but we both wanted a burger so we decided to go out to the lake store... Daddy said I could shower first but to remember to save some hot water for him. I told him he could go first. He said no you go, and I laughed and said, no you go. Then Daddy said, "Let’s just shower together, it will be quicker", I... mehr anzeigen

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Family Matters Von: Gelöschter User
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Hi! I think you will particularly enjoy my book Family Matters, an intimate look at a loving family:)

If you message me O'm always up for fun;) Von: Caylee
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If you message me O'm always up for fun;)

OnlyFans Sissy Page! Von: Rece Orlando
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Before my final instalment is released I am moving on to providing fans with a personal sissy experience. After much contact and queries I have decided to set my OnlyFans page up online. I hope to meet you there!

Come see what my sissy will do for his Mistress!

OnlyFans OnlyFans
New Group Von: Gelöschter User
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Hi, I'm telling all my new friends about the group I started, Close To You. You may find that it is just the group you are looking for.


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