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Eclectic Views

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This group is made for any kind of ideas. Different genres and mixed emotions. Pour out all of your mind here. You can post anything but let's stay wholesome okay? Mainly I would welcome with a wide open arms for writers who are into BDSM, the true essence of romance as well as adventure and fiction.

Let's share our hearts, make a link with each other.



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You are requesting to read my book Von: Rajmohan
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You are requesting to read my book

Space Noir Bar Segment Von: Mike Marino
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Space Noir Bar
What Happens in Space, Stays in Space! by Mike Marino

Calling Earth! Calling Earth! Come in Earth! Do you read me? Atomic Commando Cody lasers ready to fire and launch from the outer fringes of the outer limits of outer space. Flying silver disks composed of strange heavy metal alloys are attacking every capital on Earth from Bejing to London to Moscow to Washington. It was an age of sci fi action..giant... mehr anzeigen

Boredom Strikes!!!...AGAIN! Von: ♣ainekO♥♥♥
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So yeah! Right now I'm bored. What's new? I'm thinking on making a new book. I had a plot but I don't know how to put it in words. Maybe someone here could help my mind work?

A Honest Book Von: bman7720
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Many people will pounce on anyone who mentions certain slurs. However, should we be so critical in the case of an honest story?

Stories of homosexuality, for instance, often are censored for the sake of the public. They tend to leave out the horrible names and experiences that happen with some communities.

Also, the topic of suicide is something nobody wants to address, but can you blame people for wanting to share their... mehr anzeigen

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As what we have here in our group this is about different mindsets that people might be having. Those who criticize the topics which we really should discuss are those hiding from the truth. Critical thinking is not their thing but only critical criticizing. LOLs

Let's know each other! Von: ♣ainekO♥♥♥
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So yeah! Since I just created this group in a while. I want to know who are my groupies..

Guys please give some juicy info bout you.

real age:
real name:
preferred pet name:

what would be your limit?(ie. sex, morbid, gore, etc.)

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Starts with me *^_^*

real age: 19
real name: Jeffcy Ann A. Villaflor
preferred pet name: miming
interests: I'm interested on boys, of course! kidding aside, I am a bisexual, and as what our group name is, I have a wide range of ideas. I'm interested with people who are into animes... mehr anzeigen


Age: 14
Name: Brian Duvall
Preferred Pet Name: BB, BP, or just Brian
Interest: The social workings of people, philosophically speaking. I'm a gay teenage writer. I am guilty of cringing at grammatical errors in society, and rather rudely correcting them. I suppose that's it...

Sex in Literature Von: bman7720
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It seems a common issue for me, the few times I do an erotic scene in my works, that sex scenes can be a bit tricky.

Using the names for genitalia either sound childish or vulgar and simplistic.

However, dancing around that with imagery tends to take away from the entirety of the story.

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Imagination is the limit...much much more important than knowledge... Just let the words flow, simple but near to reality. Not all of the readers would probably know the terms....

The Description Von: bman7720
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I absolutely love the description.

Especially how it's all about variety and then it goes to specifically welcoming BDSM.

Like, "Well that took an unexpected turn!" Haha!

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Haha, me too.


i'm outta here for a moment gotta have some nap... *yawns*

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