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This group is for those who have dreams but dont know where to start. Please enjoy this group and Thank you for joining.


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notice Von: Alexis
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I am thinking about deleting this group, if you dont want me to just comment or message me.

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Gelöschter User


I love to dream Von: Gelöschter User
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So what are your dreams? (:

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Eli the Great

To live man. Just to live life

My 2nd and 3rd dream put together Von: Alexis
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My second dream is to stop being confused about everything and start understanding it, also to stop talking to the people that I tell myself not to talk to anymore because all that it comes to is pain no matter who it is.

Suri's Library

lol every one needs a reminder every once in a while :)


Yes they do :)

Suri's Library

then i'm glad to remind you :)

dreams... well if anyone cares here is mine. Von: Suri's Library
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For starters I am NOT a girly girl. But even with that said I still want to have someone love me for me and push me to make myself better.

I dream of someone, wither I am dating them or not, to try to help me with my problems and listen to me.

I dream of being a good Mormon and being able to help a lot of people deal with the junk they have to go through.

I dream of being an author and owning my own interior designing company.

I... mehr anzeigen

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If you have problems you let me know. I will always listen. I think you should make these dreams come true

Suri's Library

aww thanks :)
yea, I just deal with a bunch of like kids bugging me to the point of not havin the strength do deal much longer, get what I'm saying?

I've been trying to make these things come true, but its hard for me cause in real life I have kinda hidden myself to try to avoid... mehr anzeigen


I deal with a lot of stuff in my life feel free to email my friend her name is Shianne Ayers

Suri's Library

she help people with junk like life? lol
I been talking to Mormon friend of mine through a game, as well as another friend of mine who is now my therapist.
thank you so much for caring :)



My dream. Von: Alexis
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My dream is to be better at sing just like my Aunt was. She was a famous Hawaiian singer her name is Genoa Keawe. She was so sweet. Her voice was amazing, I really do hope I can be just like her when I sing.

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good,You know my voice is very nice and i sing very nice every one said ,you would be a singer,,.


I want to be I am going to be practicing

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