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Write,and read books about the mistierus creatures DRAGONS


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New Dragon Book! Von: Lorian Lilsiel
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I recently published a new book called Dragon Fey. The story of a Aria Windborne, a fairy with dragon wings instead of butterfly wings who is completely useless with plants. One day when she and her friend are going to run away, she meets a boy in the woods who shows her where she belongs. When a great demon so old that his name has been forgotten rises again to destroy the world and recreate it in his image Aria must band... mehr anzeigen

Book Von: Lorian Lilsiel
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Hi! I recently published a book called An Extraordinary Bond by Mara DragonClaw, you should check it out! (Note: this book is not yet complete and will be updated every Sunday).

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Lorian Lilsiel

Okay, not every Sunday, more like once a month. Between school and home I don't have that kind of time.

Fan-Fiction Contest Von: RevkenR
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Missing the contests that the staff used to host? Wish there was some way to get feedback from experienced writers? Scribes of the Round Table is dedicated to the users, to make up for the loss of our English-speaking administrators and the almost non-existent attention that the staff gives to the English side of the site. All are welcome and encouraged to join!
Our first contest, Choose Your Own Fan-Fiction, is underway,... mehr anzeigen

Updates and Changes: Von: Gelöschter User
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My fantasy book, 'Dance of Shame,' has gone through some dramatic changes. You can see the new prologue and first chapter here:

Dance of Shame. Book One of the Crowned Burden Series The world has never been very forgiving... Eli is a testament to this. He is a poor baseborn lad, his mother gone, and his father never seen. His whole life, he has had to live a life of scorn a...
The Original Dragon of Lordoris has been reborn and revisioned like never before!!! Dragons, Fri... Von: Gelöschter User
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The Original Dragon of Lordoris has been reborn and revisioned like never before!!!

Dragons, Friendship, Adventure...

Darkfang is a young dragon from the Deepruin Clan who seeks adventure and fun, but with civil war waging with the clans and a darkness on the rise, Darkfang will have to reach deep within his souls and unleash the Eternal Fire inside.

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