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A poetry group for writers & readers alike.

"We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. To quote from Whitman, "O... Mehr anzeigen


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So there is a group that a friend of mine created that I'm sure some of you would like to check o... Von: Remembrance
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So there is a group that a friend of mine created that I'm sure some of you would like to check out. It's title is: The rejected and the lost.

It's for people who feel rejected from society and such. I recommend this group for anyone, though, so you can help others as well. I was once part of the group and I helped where I could! Be sure you check it out and even join if you want to!


xoxo Sapheria xoxo

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Mia Tchoukour

There are a lot of people that need support.

Do you have a link to the group?

I'm not sure if there was one of these already and it got pushed down or something but feel free ... Von: Remembrance
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I'm not sure if there was one of these already and it got pushed down or something but feel free to introduce yourself, welcome others, and such things!

I'm Sapheria, my name is Ashlynn, but call me London. Confusing, I know. I've been writing poetry almost since I could read it; which would be about 1st grade. My favorite poem would be... So many to choose from! But I like Edgar Allan Poe's work. And my friend's work.. OH!... mehr anzeigen

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If you'd like you make a thread for your poems and maybe showcase a couple. (o:


My name is Arianna, but in person as well as online I usually only answer to October. So October is prefered please. :)
I've been writing down poetry since I was 9 years old, started coming up with poems I never wrote down since I was young.

Think one of my favorite poems would... mehr anzeigen


Jack...Since these changes...I can't ever open up the link to your poems.

Publishing Opportunity! Von: Alex
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Hatchlings Publishing is always taking submissions for their artist feature page on their website. They take poems, shorts, art, plays, etc. Great opportunity for emerging writers to exhibit their work! @hatchlingspublishing or

Calling For All Passionate Writers !! Von: Monu Bhagat
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Hello Writers I cordially Invite Everyone To Contribute To Our Upcoming International Anthology
We are seeking Entries From all over the World. We have a very new and unique format
It is totally FREE (WE REALLY NEED YOU) KINDLY Mail Us You Name Now
Email id :

for progressive poets Von: James Apollon White
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My new poem book is available as an ebook;
also as a print book for € 14.50, this poem book is about the emerging new generation of symbolic individualism (new beat generation), this lyric book is the epoch of serious lyricists of the twenty-first century,
I will put you two links to this so that you can get an idea; the poetry book is bilingual (German - English) ....

the links can be found here:

... mehr anzeigen

A notice to our users
my progressive new beat lyrik Poembook Von: James Apollon White
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for all who are really interested in progressive poems; here be exited:

with brave new regards#### and best wishes forall melanncholic poets

James Apollon White

Melancholy of a Beat Poet/ Melancholie eines Beat Poeten von James Apollon White - eBook Download - Buch kaufen Symbolic individualism is a novelty, because it can unite the idea of a poet with the egalitarian subjectivism of our time and the subject in the technocratic world! Do you feel the formalism, it destroys and transforms the subject into a person who thinks and then acts, because the medium is the message (technocracy)     Der symbolische Individualismus ist eine Neuheit, weil er die Idee eines Dichters mit dem egalitären Subjektivismus unserer Zeit und dem Subjekt in der technokratischen Welt verbinden kann! Spüren Sie den Formalismus, der das Thema zerstört und in eine Person verwandelt, die denkt und dann handelt, weil das Medium die Botschaft ist (Technokratie)?
Driving the blues in 2020 Von: James Apollon White
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Driving the blues in 2020

John Lee Hooker, blues
Blues caresses my mind and
The waves of me are raging in me
Displacement; what we don't
Goods, we will in this
Do not live anymore; either way,

Space and time, displaced air
Squeeze my chest like
The chalice is full of tears
Grief; we'd rather do it
No further where we left off

Had we continue there
Where to find lapis lazuli
Because healing is everything and rest
You can only find it in deep... mehr anzeigen

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Amazing work.......Take care, Danny....

James Apollon White

Thanks, this comes from the heart!

What if Von: Under The Ego
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What if my past broke
rather than shape me?
What if my experiences killed my hopes
Instead of nurturing them?
What if who I am now isn't
Who I aimed to be?
What, if one day, I find
another person's reflection
on the mirror in front of me?

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