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Dark Romance

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A group for lovers of vampires, werewolves, witches, and all other charming supernatural beings of the night. This group is open for all.


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Character Development Von: ChastityRose
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I am writing a fantasy adult romance and I can really use some help flushing out my characters a little more and learning about how they would react.

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Even fantasy is based on the way humans behave in the real world. To flesh out your characters, give them a backstory, a circle of friends, family, and then use your experiences with others to help you come up with reactions.

For instance, you may have observed that there are... mehr anzeigen


Well each character also has their own complex, such as the oedipus, god complex, etc. That's the part that I want to work on getting right. I want to make sure that I don't get all of their races confused with each other.

That does make a ton of sense though. I will start... mehr anzeigen

New chapters in my book Kahlid!! Von: Emmy
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New chapters in my book Kahlid!!

Hey everyone read my book Kahlid! Von: Emmy
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Hey everyone read my book Kahlid!

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Your book is soo interesting please continue it.


I am. In fact I put out a few chapters when I can.

Hiii Von: Gelöschter User
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A Vampyre's Daughter - free to read! Von: jeffschanz
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A troubled Army vet and a beautiful, lonely vampyre are drawn together on a desolate island. Their nightmarish pasts haunt them both, and their worst fears crash down upon them in blood and fire to destroy the fragile hope they cling to.

Howdy all! There are soooo many groups here that promote and read completed books, so forgive the double (triple-quintuple)... mehr anzeigen

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