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The Art of Writing - Comment and Discuss

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A group for all of those who write because they love it. Do you want to improve your writing? I know I do.

*Practice makes perfect (almost).
*Edit, re-edit & re-re-edit, but write that 1st draft 1st.
*Workshopping (Structure, Plot, Voice, Tone, POV, Dialogue, Beginnings, Middles, Ends, Conflict, Tension, Transition, and the list goes on).
*Honesty & respect!
*Support & respect!
*Discussion &... Mehr anzeigen


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Ketahui Tentang Kerajaan Air di Bali, Indonesia Von: Denny4
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Wichtiger Beitrag

Taman Ujung disebut juga sebagai ‘istana air’ , terletak di Desa Seraya di Kabupaten Karangasem. Hal ini diyakini sebagai tempat saudara perempuan Tirta Gangga, yang sama-sama dibangun oleh raja terakhir dari Karangasem.

Istana air terdiri dari berbagai kolam besar dan struktur kuno dengan latar belakang Gunung Agung dan garis pantai timur. Upaya restorasi dilakukan setelah gempa di seluruh bagian untuk menciptakan... mehr anzeigen

1 Kommentar

Could you repost this in English? Most of us on this part of the site are English-speaking members.

Request for Review. Von: Majety
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Hi, friends.
I'm new here and I'm new to writing, too. I have penned down my first work and it's still in in it's seedling stage. However, I'm working on it constantly. I have uploaded my first chapter in bookrix and I'm looking for opinions. There are some mistakes here and there. so please read and review my work. I'll be happy to hear suggestions in any area and opinions on my story. The book name is : (Not) A Routine LOVE... mehr anzeigen

Tips for creatity Von: ADHDOCD
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Wichtiger Beitrag

So I have been off and on writing in my free time as a hobby, escape, and future endeavor. I was hoping to get some personal tips and tricks from other writers.

1) Where are some places you go to find your inspiration?

2) Looking for tips on creating an inspirational work space in your own home.

3) Do you think it is better to write bits and pieces of each chapter as it comes up or do you personally feel it is better to focus... mehr anzeigen

2 Kommentare

Everything around me provides inspiration, to be honest. For instance, I was driving somewhere and stopped at a red light behind a car that had a license plate with three numbers followed by the letters KEX. I thought, "Hey, that'd be a cool name for a character!" So I thought... mehr anzeigen


Thank You for the great response. For me, inspiration comes from experience. My phone is filled with random writings as well as I have a tone of notebooks laying around that I continue to write in as things come to mind or I see things that spark my brain such as you Kex... mehr anzeigen

New Poetry Von: David hamilton1
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Wichtiger Beitrag

Does anyone read poetry now? The public in general dislike contemporary poetry which is apparently written by academics for each other!

1 Kommentar

I read and write poetry. Despite the fact that academia has tried to stifle truly creative poetry, I still find a lot of innovative and interesting poetry to read.

Invitation to Submit Manuscripts Von: Teddy Kim
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Wichtiger Beitrag

Hello friends, I would like to invite you to submit your manuscripts to Leaf~Land Press. We are actively seeking new authors to support and develop. Don’t worry about being “ready”. We are looking for new voices. Our first title is from a debut novelist and her book is doing great. Check out the link for more details.

lazy People Fact . Von: Suren
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lazy People Fact #5812672793
You were too lazy to read that number.

3 Kommentare

What if...I just don't want to read it?


What I find so great about this is that I have clicked on this post the last couple day forgetting if I read it or not and I have still yet to read the number.

Hey, this is mostly for anyone who is stuck with their chapters, If you feel like you're out of ... Von: Ess
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Hey, this is mostly for anyone who is stuck with their chapters,
If you feel like you're out of ideas for your book, try writing a creative prompt which is a short story (not more than 1500 words) and it has to start with a sentence like "I swear I never meant to do that " and end with something like "I can't believe I never saw that coming". It helps a lot and it can be any genre. Anyone can volunteer a starting and a... mehr anzeigen

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