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Children's Authors

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Children's writers come join us!
This is a group for beginning as well as advanced writers. Writing for kids can be challenging. Let's make this a place where we can bounce ideas and stories off each other.

Only books that are ages born to twelve years are to be posted. I will remove any that are for an older audience.


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Christmas Gifts for Children That Help Other Children Von: Chris-Jean
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I would love to assure members that the Peacock Writers' books will make delightful Christmas presents but children will especially love to receive a copy of 'A Whimsical Children's Holiday' or 'Snowflakes on my Lashes' in their Christmas stocking this year.

Parents in turn, will not only be overjoyed to see the delight on their children's faces but they will have peace of mind knowing that they have helped a vulnerable child... mehr anzeigen

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Rookie Burwick

Good one Chris!


Thanks, Janice & Rookie!

A Merry Christmas to both of you & blessed New Year.


Love to you all and Chris you are one of our best ambassadors for the Peacock Writers - truly a giving and gifted lot of writers.

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10 tips for writing children’s picture books by Alice Kuipers Von: Chris-Jean
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1- Don’t preach to your readers or try to moralize, the story will come off as heavy handed.

2- Unless you are an illustrator yourself, publishers tend to want to choose their own illustrators. They usually have a bank of artists that they like to use and they don’t necessarily want to work with your friend/aunt/neighbour etc

3- If the story is over 1000 words, it is probably too long. Just as an example, Where The Wild Things... mehr anzeigen

Gwen Steel AKA Gwenna D'Young has a website where authors with a published book or on their way t... Von: paulashene
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Gwen Steel AKA Gwenna D'Young has a website where authors with a published book or on their way to publishing mindset or even one who has the knack of being a reader and a helper - putting together books is an art. Do you have a skill other than writer - you are a promoter or an interviewer or a proof reader or an editor or a publisher. What is you strength and skill?

If you are interested in furthering your Author Brand,... mehr anzeigen

1 Kommentar

Thank you, Paula!

Calling all children's writers Von: Carol Wills
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Wichtiger Beitrag

Hi folks, I know it's been a while but The Peacock Writers have a website now & are calling for submissions. If you pop over to their FB group you can have a look & see if you're interested:

And here's the link to their website:

The Peacock Writers The Peacock Writers are a group of authors from around the world that share their talents in the spirit of giving. All profit from the sale of their book go to children’s charities.
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Gelöschter User

Never mind I figured it out.


do you have a story shadows?

Gelöschter User

I have an Idea for one. But I don't know how to put one into words.

Children`s Story Writing Competition Von: Partricia Bellamy
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Wichtiger Beitrag

In celebration of the imaginative and creative minds of children storytellers across the country, we invite you to join the…


Submit an entry and give your book a chance to be published by ReadersMagnet.

Deadline for submission will be on 31st of March 2020.


The contest aims to encourage children’s storywriters to share their works with... mehr anzeigen

CBI Clubhouse (Chidren's Books Insider) Von: Christine Cassello
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This is a very good group to join if you are serious about writing for children.

Hell Everyone! Von: Gelöschter User
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I am SO sorry that I have not been active in this group the past couple of years. It's just my family has been having many people die and my mom just recently had heart surgery.

Although all those things happened, there is still some very good things happening to me in my life like my sister graduated this past school year! I'm so proud of her and I'm going to be graduating high school in 2016! Also my little brother is... mehr anzeigen

Gelöschter User

No, I haven't heard of it Chris. Thank you for telling me about it though. It seems interesting.

Also, I very much agree that an Occupational Therapist is a very caring and rewarding job.

I picked the occupation because I knew I would have time to do my artwork between my... mehr anzeigen


"I might be shy, and a very soft spoken person at first (which I am working on very hard)..."

Don't change too much, Ashley. I believe the above is a great skill to have, especially for interview purposes and with the job you are proposing to undertake. :))

Gelöschter User

Really? I never thought about it that way, thank you. ^___^

BookRix Author to Learn From Von: Chris-Jean
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Wichtiger Beitrag

This month, we would like to honor Jenna Burlock for her children's book, 'The King's Quest'.

The King's Quest. Can King Rudolf Slay the Fabled Dragon? During the time of peace in Angeline, the fabled dragon arises so the King has to fight and slay the last dragon on earth. Will he succeed if the fable is true? Or is the wise old man Aragos speaki...
2015 - BookRix Author to Learn From Von: Chris-Jean
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Janice Abel's, delightful book was written for newspaper publication and has been read and loved by children and adults of all ages.

Joshua's Visitor This is a five chapter serial story for newspaper publicaton. Each chapter is short and normally read with different issues. Though I hope it has adult appeal, it is written for 9-12 year old.
1 Kommentar

This is a great story, but then all of Janice's stories are intriguing - one of the best writers on site and we have quite a few.

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