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Homework help is here. Students who want a little assistance can ask for it here. Also members who are willing to help can join. Doubts can be solved here along with a bit teaching assistance. Happy solving!


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Welcome pupils! Von: Gelöschter User
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Share your Ideas, ask doubts, discuss your questions...
We are here for a little assistance.
Happy Solving...

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THE complete Maths subject...., not a big deal; My major subjects are Physics and Maths{higher level mathematics}. You may ask the doubts as a new post. History is not my cup of tea but our prof. Mr. History Buff is there to solve it... :D

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I love history. And anything grammar is my cup of tea ^_^


My favorite subject is French. If anyone needs help, you can just ask me ;)

GROUP RULES Von: Gelöschter User
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Thanks for being here but as a member of this group, you have to follow certain rules.

1. No member can advertise their book or work.
2. No abusive language can be used.
3. Members can only write posts regarding doubts or assistance in studies. Of course, new ideas regarding any field are accepted.

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What about saying what field they study in, that way people know who to ask on the group?

Gelöschter User

You do not need to worry about tutors, just make a new post and it will be solved soon...


ok :)

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