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Hello. I have decided to make a group for all of those who enjoy reading fan fictions. This group is for ARMY and any other fans who would like to join. This group is strictly only for fan fiction stories - they do NOT necessarily have to be about BTS. If you have a fan fiction of another KPOP group then you are welcome to promote it here. However NO other unrelated books are allowed to be posted.... Mehr anzeigen


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Introductions: **NEW MEMBERS** Von: Faith.Raven
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On this post please let us know a little bit about yourself. We are a family here so don't feel shy.

Name (optional or you can leave a nick name whatever floats your boat):
A hobby:
Something you love about yourself:

Example is shown below -

I go by the name Faith.
My hobby is watching videos till a fall asleep.
Something I like about myself is my determination.

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