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Book Promotion

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Hello, I noticed with other groups that with their 'policies', 'rules' or whatever, that most don't really want book promotions. That confuses me, so this group is made for you to post about whatever book you want to promote. However many you want, updates on chapters and much more. Even book discussions, if you want. Enjoy.


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I have successfully published a book 'Which should have been normal travel' Von: Amol
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Please read and give your valuable feedback on the book. I have thinking to publish for many years but bookrix has gave a platform where I could really publish without any trouble for my head and pocket.
Thank you for this platform.

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Roxanne Jade Regalado

Nice book! :-)


Thanks Roxanne.

20.09.2019, Friday Hi Friends, I have joined newly. To start with, I request you all to visit ... Von: Hari Prakash
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20.09.2019, Friday

Hi Friends,

I have joined newly.

To start with, I request you all to visit, scroll through to
WRITING category and download, free of cost,
my book JUST WRITE RIGHT (Sprinkled with Humour)
in PDF format for reading-clarity.

It is a 25-page teaser-booklet of use to students, teachers,
authors, content-writers and English enthusiasts.

Please don’t forget to review and rate.

Hari Prakash

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Roxanne Jade Regalado

Welcome to bookrix! :-)

Reader Von: Gelöschter User
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Here to hear of books.

Original German recipes: delicious and easy to bake! Von: Sharela Koch
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Here I share my favorite German recipes with you. PLUS: All recipes include information on baking temperature in Fahrenheit AND Celsius!

Sharela bakes von Sharela Koch - eBook Download - Buch kaufen This book presents delicious German recipes with easy step-by-step instructions for traditional and modern favorites. From A like Apfelkuchen to Z like Zwetschgendatschi - There is the right recipe for every taste! PLUS: All recipes include information on baking temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.   About the author: It is no secret that the popular Christian author and blogger Sharela Koch really has a sweet tooth. In this book she shares her favorite home-made cakes and sweets with you.
FREE offer Von: David M
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Hello and greetings to everyone. I'm giving something away for FREE...
And no, it's not a free review copy of my book - I find the whole concept of book giveaways just makes me uncomfortable.

Intrigued? Staring at your screen in wide-eyed amazement? Then read on, gentle reader.

First, by way of introduction: my name is David Makinson and I'm the author of Invincible. It's YA science fiction that sets out to blend high action... mehr anzeigen

reading Von: dahlia437
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I published a book with amazon how to make a reading.
Wenn eine Biologin eine Lesung über Balkonbegrünung in München macht, … ... deckt sie auch hier, gleich alle Balkonschwindeleien des einheimischen Balkonbesitzers, ... auf
Have fun! null
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