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Book Promotion

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Hello, I noticed with other groups that with their 'policies', 'rules' or whatever, that most don't really want book promotions. That confuses me, so this group is made for you to post about whatever book you want to promote. However many you want, updates on chapters and much more. Even book discussions, if you want. Enjoy.


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Vampire Island and the Battle for Malikperse by Keith Armstrong Von: Vampire Duff
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This Vampire Fiction Fantasy Book is available on Amazon in both eBook and Paperback format. I wrote this book during the covid 19 lockdown and am now working on a second book in the vampire saga. if you read or have read it please let me know what you thought, good or bad it will help me with future writings. thank you

The Unstables Von: acoop114
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Hayyyyy! I'm currently writing a novel and I need to find an audience, haha. It's Dystopian Society, teen drama, romance, and action packed. If you like The Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter, you'll love this book. Pleaseeee give it a chance and check it out, the link is under website

The Unstables - Lava - Wattpad The government is rounding up all teens because they accidentally released experimental chemicals into the air causing anyone ages 13 through 18 to develop spe...
Threaded Web Von: K.G.
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For those who love romance novels with a steamy heat content, go ahead and check out my novel Threaded Web. It's free to read.

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