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Book Previews

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Anyone who's working on a book but don't have it up yet is welcomed to post up a kind of preview.... Like post up character bios or give bits and pieces of the book kind of like what movie previews do before the movie comes out.... Don't give up a lot of info though like nothing too important and please I ask anyone who is in this group not to steal ideas from others


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Not mentioned in the description for this group: Von: dysamyne
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It's not mentioned in the description of this group but if you want to do previews for books that you have up as well as books that you don't have up you are more than welcomed.... I didn't mention it in the description because I was thinking more of books that are in process of being written but feel free to do previews for books that you have up as well if you want :)

Thread for Promoting Books already have up Von: dysamyne
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This is the thread you can promote your books that you finished or working on(if published):

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I am sorry if it is too long.


It's not too long but I am so sorry for not responding soon I saw this and it seems interesting :) and here is the finished book Sylent Nyght which I've been sharing bits and pieces of characters please feel free to check it out:

Sylent Nyght. Part 1 of the Sylent Nyght Saga Evlyn lives in a boring small town until one day she learns about a murder. Little does she know the town will be covered in blood? More murders begin to happen and burglaries slowly start. Oddl...

So everyone knows because I know have Sylent Nyght up I went a head and deleted the Sylent Nyght Character Bios because I kind of find it pointless now since the actually book is up and ready for readers

Chris Von: dysamyne
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Lacks Commonsense
In a relationship
Age 20
Sometimes Smart
Can he actually be smart enough to help solve the case?

Learn more about Chris in Sylent Nyght coming soon

Robert Cormick Von: dysamyne
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Father like
About 40
Work Alcoholic
Will he be able to figure out how to keep the town safe?

Learn more about Cormick in Sylent Nyght coming soon

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