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Bloody Horrors

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Do you dream nightmares to gruesome to speak of? do you write terrifying novels? Do you love to write about blood and gore? Then join Our group. We share and relate writings and dreams from our most terrifying writers.


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Most Horrific Location? Von: justinattas
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Horror writers! I call on you to reveal some of your most terrifying locations. What are some places you've sent (or dragged) your protagonists to that you'd never want to visit yourself? Places that make your skin crawl or your spine stiffen?

I'm not specifically a horror writer, but I try to spook my readers every once in a while. One of my scariest locations is a setting in my scifi novel series, Strand. The place is... mehr anzeigen

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Zombies, guts, and gore! Von: Rookie Burwick
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Zombie horror combines with military battles, guts and gore exploding from the pages of this super awesome, action-packed read. If you like a fast moving, thrill ride of a book, be sure and check this one out. Bloody Raged Corpses eBook: Rookie Burwick: Books Bloody Raged Corpses - Kindle edition by Rookie Burwick. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Bloody Raged Corpses.
I would appreciate it if someone would read my book and give me feedback Von: Jachin Orallo
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I would appreciate it if someone would read my book and give me feedback

KRAKEN. . . sea monster horror. . . Von: Rookie Burwick
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Kraken. A Deep Sea Thriller During a very violent storm, a cargo ship is lost at sea, killing nearly everyone on board it. The incident leaves it's one last survivor, a fisherman named Jasper Hutchision, stranded in the open ...
I always dream of vampires and spiders(favorite) Von: kyrie cavs james
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I always dream of vampires and spiders(favorite)

the man i white Von: DarkAngel45
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has anyone else had the dream about the man in white. i have had dreams about him since I was a child. Don't let him fool you. He is all evil. In each dream he is closer than the last. Please tell me other's have this dream. Not only is it frightening but it seems so realistic He keeps telling me that I know what I truly am and he wants to peel back my skin and show me. Show me what? I wake up at times and I think I still see... mehr anzeigen

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I get tons of weird dreams. The most disturbing may be an all out alien invasion. But never did I dream of someone like the person in your dream. If it bothers you so much, get professional help... or a good close friend.

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