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This is a group who believe that writing is absolutely beautiful and loves to create it!! Any kind of book genre is welcome. You can also request for me to read a book. I don´t mind what kind of book, just make it tasteful. No inappropriate stuff!! ^_^


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Song in the Sunset An Angel's Mission Von: Valerie Diestro
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Song in the Sunset . An Angel's Mission Shining student, Natalie Austin, hates Dave Park because of his lazy attitude. However, everything she feels about him changes when she catches him singing her favorite song while playing his gu...
Four Seasons Hotel chapter update Von: Tee See
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Well, the title of this post says it all. I have a new chapter up. Let me know what you think of my fantasy romance story. Here's the link:

Four Seasons Hotel When Claire goes on a small vacation with her sister, Phoebe, her aim is to relax. She isn't looking for love. Especially, not with a man who has the same personality as her ex. But when Clai...
hey i was made my new book bratz Von: Fariha
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you all should read that one i was waited for your comment........... so see you later.........

faithraven09!!!!! Von: Demonata-Freak
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You have blocked me on Bookrix so i can't message or write on your profile. can you unblock me??????

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