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Ok you guys so this is just a club I waned to make for fun so please Jon and this also for all those people who like anime bye


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Fairy Tail: Dawn of Change Von: melmmhs94
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Hello! I would like my fanfic 'Fairy Tail: Dawn of Change' to be reviewed.
Please review with constructive reviews! I am quite confident in this book, so I don't need the 'Your book is great! keep going!' reviews. I need reviews that tell me if there's a plothole, or if I need to expand on a scene. I need reviews that will help me get better! Thank you.

Link: http://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-melissa-nichols-fairy-tail-dawn-of-change/

hiii Von: jessjc3 ♥️
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hey so this is a anime group so here is all the anime i love more than life!!

1) Attack on titan
2) Is this a zombie
3) Black butlar
4) Hellsing Ultiimate
5) ETC.

# Fangirl!!!

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