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This is a group for feminists, and just because your a guy doesnt mean you cant be one. in case your wondering a feminist is just a person who believes men and women should have equal rights, and they should. this is also a group to try and help stop body shaming. there is no hate on here, if someone posts something rude on here, i will block you. can i do that? well, whatever, i just wanna make the... Mehr anzeigen


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Looking for open-minded reviewers Von: Gelöschter User
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Hello! I am Sheila Ann, a work-at-home Mom with two kids, Randy 15 and Raeann 12. My husband Ronnie is an evangelical preacher. My memoir, "Lead Me Not Into Temptation" is about our church life and close family relationship. Please note, my memoir includes loving consensual incest with a strong Lesbian theme. There is no pain or violence or ugly situations of any kind. My memoir may shock some but not surprise others who are... mehr anzeigen

Cassia Beckett about 1 minute ago Depression sucks! But, when its over I feel better than I... Von: Somebody That I Used To Know
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Cassia Beckett

about 1 minute ago

Depression sucks! But, when its over I feel better than I ever did in my whole life!
Stay optimistic people, there always is a way! Dwelling on what went wrong will never make things right. Your an awesomely amazing matter what...since I don't know you personally I can say that with absolute certainty! The only thing I see you as is a human, who has a past and a future. Never... mehr anzeigen

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this is really sweet, oh my god, this is important. people need to know this. that they do matter, that maybe someone just sad and in a really bad place is going to discover the cure to cancer? or end all illnesses? that's great!! or maybe they wont do something like that,... mehr anzeigen

Somebody That I Used To Know

Your awesome! I'm glad you mentioned all that! It just cheered me up tremendously, I'm glad your as exited about life.

Gelöschter User

aw, im very happy that it cheered you up! and im so sorry, my response is late. and yeah, haha super excited c:

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