Love Yourself!

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Love Yourself!
This book is all you need if you wanna lose weight, look great and stay healthy.!
No need to follow any fad diets to be what you want to be!
All you need is a proper guidance to a great lifestyle for a healthy you!
I have done a 5 years of research in it and did it on myself and from the results I got I know that this works and that to on everyone! so let's get started :)

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Hi there! I've seen your work and I'd like to commend you for having such talent and imagination. Your works of art shouldn't be limited and should be recognized by many. Maybe you'd like to check out N0velStar and consider joining their competition this April.

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Haha whoa. This book is really good.
Really interesting.
Keep up the good work! :)

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thank you so much!
i am glad that you liked my work!
i'll try my best to keep up!! ^.^


Superb! ^_^

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A timely, much-needed work of non-fiction that addresses the ongoing health and weight problems so many people are experiencing these days, in large part due to all the chemicals, hormones, and other processing that our food is subject to. This is well-written, but does need some editing to weed out spelling errors.

A quick question: do you have a record of your sources, specifically for the parts where you're talking about... mehr anzeigen

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thank you so much for this advice. i'll work on the sources thing for sure. for example of citation-lol. thanks again.

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Hmmm,, put more to it...

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sure buddy! i will! :)

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Excillent! :)

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