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Desert Gold

User: disha
Desert Gold
Assassination Of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, Heir To The Throne
Of Austria-Hungary, And His Wife In sarajevo, Bosnia, On June 28,
1914, It Was With A Feeling of Great Regret That Another Sorrow
Had Been Added to The Many Already Borne By ThA Face Haunted cameron--A Woman'S Face. It Was There In the White
Heart Of The Dying campfire; It Hung In the Shadows That Hovered
Over The Flickering light; It Drifted in the Darkness Beyond.

This Hour, When The Day Had Closed and The Lonely Desert Night Set
In With Its Dead Silence, Was One In which Cameron'S Mind Was Thronged
With Memories Of A Time Long Past--Of A Home Back In peoria, Of A
Woman He Had Wronged and Lost, And Loved too Late. He Was A Prospector
For Gold, A Hunter Of Solitude, A Lover Of The Drear, Rock-Ribbed
Infinitude, Because He Wanted to Be Alone To Remember.

e Aged emperor
Francis Joseph. That Those Fatal Shots Would Echo Around The
World And, Flashing out Suddenly Like A Bolt From The Blue, Hurl
Nearly The Whole Of Europe Within A Week'S Time From A State Of
Profound Peace Into One Of Continental War, Unannounced,
Unexpected, Unexplained, Unprecedented in suddenness And
Enormity, Was An Unimaginable Possibility. And Yet The Ringing of
When The People Of The United states Heard The News Of The
The Church Bells Was Suddenly Drowned by The Roar Of Cannon, The
Voice Of The Dove Of Peace By The Blare Of The Trump Of War, And
Throughout The World Ran A Shudder Of Terror At These Unwonted
And Ominous Sounds.

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