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A Fire Within

User: Zahra M.
A Fire Within

As if being a teen wasn’t hard enough…

Jackie has spent much of her life pulling her own. She’s built herself up so far beyond the abandoned child left behind by her father. And yet, she still feels like she’s sinking.

When weird happenings start to occur around her, Jackie isn’t fazed by them. However, she gets more than even she can swallow when a sinkhole opens beneath her and transports her to a strange dimension named Korynz.

His mission is set in stone. His future, not so much…

Stryker, in the employ of a powerful witch with dark motives, kidnaps Jackie and five others. These teens called by a force strong enough to alter destiny must discover the strength inside themselves and the power they can awaken together.

Darkness is on the way, and worlds are sinking fast…

An entity of corruption and malice, Firion is to be freed by the six stolen by the witch. But the choice–and the fate of Korynz–is in their hands. From discovering her father’s true identity to her quest to find a mystic diamond called Lorei, Jackie and the others are going to need all their luck and power combined to keep from sinking themselves.


When mysterious sinkholes begin opening in the area around her, Jackie ignores them. That is, until she finds herself trapped and transported by one of them to a strange dimension called Korynz. Kidnapped along with five others by an elf named Stryker, Jackie has to decide whether she will answer the call of the witch who ordered their capture or forge their own fate. Finding a piece of herself in this strange place, Jackie is in the position to obey meekly or seek out her own destiny. She can either aid in or deny the resurrection of a malevolent entity called Firion. With Stryker’s unanticipated affection for her growing and a long-lost family member discovered, Jackie is finding that navigating Korynz is about as unpredictable as steering a sinking ship.



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Wichtiger Beitrag

do you have a sequal to this book?

4 Kommentare
Zahra M.

I've started it..Did you finish reading this one?


yes its really good!!

Zahra M.

aw thanks so much!! That's so sweet, I think I'll need to speed up the process then!


yup!! i love your books!!

Wichtiger Beitrag

You are good. Let me rephrase that; your writing is clear, concise, letter-perfect so far, and you've opened with an intriguing first chapter. I'll definitely read on, and then comment in detail. Thanks for putting this book up!

1 Kommentar
Zahra M.

Oh wow, thank you Felix!

Wichtiger Beitrag

Just started reading this interesting tale about sinkholes, and how Sam disappeared into one. I will try and find time to read more soon.

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