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Forever Worldwide

We travel, Some of us forever, To seek....... Other States, Other Lives, Other Souls Von:
Forever Worldwide
We all look at her all shocked. I mean sure we knew that she was here, but at this party? Fuck no.
"What the fuck are you doing here?" Jay says.
"Awe, Jay I thought you'd miss me so I thought I'd come see you guys" She says sarcastically. I hear Jay growl.
"You guys know each other?" Myles looks between us all.
"More then that actually, you see Azaria and I go wayyyy back" She grins evilly. She's up to something, I can tell.
"So you must be the girl my cousin here mentions. Wow she wasn't lying about you now was she?" That slut, what was her name again? Oh yeah Valerie, says.
"This bitch is your cousin?" I hear Ace say. "No wonder, you guys seem soo fucking alike"
"Why thank you" Valerie flips her hair over her shoulder. I hear Ace snort.
"It wasn't a fucking compliment"
"Oh wow, I'd love to introduce myself and all but I'm afraid of what I might catch if I take another step forward" I spit out.

Four girls decide that before they go university, they would travel the world. From Japan, Australia, Spain, America and other countries they have the time of there lives. Meeting their Quotev Friend Ryder along the way.

Through the journey they will face problems. They will need each other to find the way out.

(I'm not good at story titles, synopsis and the whole thing but I'm giving this one a shot because I have a good feeling about it and I truly like it....Hope you guys do to)

don't copy please... I font have the copyright sign but seriously my book is shit so there is nothing to copy

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