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Devil’s Paradise

Love in small doses Von:
Devil’s Paradise
Well, I read your short story, it's an interesting one.
Actually, I support your story because it upholds my own convictions. It sheds light on one of the most impacting problems of our century, the side-effects of technology and mainly the abuse, overuse and misuse of the internet, webcam etc. The unconscious victim /fishes tragically hooked, the idleness of people short of occupation which lead them to 'kill' time on the net instead of employing themselves in more edifying activities such as reading a book or playing sport to keep fit...
(They are unconsciously killing themselves and not time).
It also highlights the STUPIDITY of some women who fall immediately in the trap of the first man who tells them ' I love you', and surrender by giving their msn, phone number and even other precious things, said Olfa.

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Me gusta tu novela mucha; yo la tomo a mi corazon! I loved the serious overtone of the work, brushing and dipping into some of the more taboo subject in our society nowadays, like war and love (or stupidity in love). Muy bien, bravisimo! I especially liked the sporadic repeats of "do re mi" at the beginning and your subject of people dying from the war, the children in the streets, dead. :( But it was still beautiful.... mehr anzeigen

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An interesting book which sheds light on current issues often silenced nowadays...

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