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The pain no one can hide from

The pain no one can hide from
This is a book of poems expressing the pain we all know and recognize, but cannot hide from.

death, emo, pain, blood
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Great article, thanks!

Sorry, Tom, it really is about the 99% versus the 1%. The real problem is
differential access to capital. A scion of the 1% has all the money they need
to go to college and beyond. A scion of the 1% has all the money they need for
the first round of venture capital, also known as the ""friends and family""
round. Can't say that about the rest of us.

Nor do I buy the ""skills"" mantra. I have a PhD in... mehr anzeigen

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I really enjoyed writing this book because it's true.It tells a big part of my life. I believe everyone should write poems expressing the pain they feel. Here's mine.

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