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User: OSoUnique
Lauran Walker is a 17 year old that owes money to the baddest nigga in the game named MidNight. One day MidNight gave her drugs to sell, but the police came to her house and she had nothing to do with the drugs so she flush them down the toilet. Now with little money from stripping she has to pay back the drugs that she flushed down the toilet. Will MidNight come after her or send her a message which involves her family or will Lauran get revenge???

drama, urban, respect, loyalty, revenge
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Interesting book liked it but want to know more. There needs to be a part 2 of course it cant end like that too short.

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Is this book finished? I got past page 5 then that was it. Shame i would have liked to read this. Maybe next time.

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What Are U Talking About I'm Still Working On The Book I Haven't Updated It Because I'm Busy Everyday But It Will Be Updated Sooner Or Later

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Thanks for the notice!

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