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The fight of a life of a lifetime!

User: hernandez
The fight of a life of a lifetime!
I was tired ,alone, and irrevocably scared.Eavryone putting themselves in danger to protect me,My sister Sarah,my brother Micheal,my parens mr. and mrs. Stella and Jerry Olsen . Tey were all trying to protect me from the gods af the skies ad the gods of the underworlds.But they were not weak they were beyond humanity.But I was just plain old Janice Olsen to help,while the people I loved put themselves in danger trying to protect me. CHAPTER 1 .It all staret on a trip to my grandmoyhers house in Seatle,Washinton thats when th trouble began.And wet that danger was nothing compered to what was coming.

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sorry i havnt been writing ive been enjoying my summer. i have bad news im not going to millennia anymore,

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