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The last installment of the 'Hamilton High' series...

Ronnie Pieper- the princess, pressured by her family to end up with the prince. Ronnie wants to be with Eric about as much as she wants to tell her parents, who are shoving law school and medical textbooks down her throat, she wants to go to art school.

Eric Kingston- the prince, perfect and golden and hates it. Eric wants nothing more than to smash all his soccer trophies, and tell off his parents. All Eric really wants is to play music, which he's sure his parents would go gaga for.

Kate Summers- the frog, trying, and failing miserably, to keep from falling for the prince. She's from the other side of the tracks, the Tramp to Eric Kingston's Lady... if only he knew it. She wants to be the perfect fifty's wife, with curls in her hair and red lipstick and lemonade setting out on the front porch.

Taylor Merrick- the bandit, barely scraping by in the midst of the Hamilton High jungle. Taylor just wants to get out of Hamilton, until he get roped into the messy love-life of Ronnie Pieper, posing as the bad-boy meant to piss off her parents.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Hamilton High"
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Can you please edit!!

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It's such a cute and sweet love story. I love the descriptions of their hairs. Also every scene description is so eye-catching and interesting. I am really curious about Taylor Merrick who bumps into Kate Summers. I am hoping to read more about him in the next chapters. I am predicting he is going to be my most favorite character. I am also predicting maybe in the end Kate Summers will have a love triangle between Taylor... mehr anzeigen

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Aww! Thanks! :D that just made my day! I wanted to add more, like right now, but I have to log off or else I'll be late for school DX


You're welcome. ^_^ Have a nice day in school. I will be waiting for the next chapters. :)

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