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a ghost's revenge

a ghost's revenge
a boy named jason and his friends decide to explore a haunted house when everything goes wrong and the ghost tries to get his revenge will they survive? read and see!

horror ghosts evil graphic
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nice book and a good ending keep writing would like to see what else you got

Wichtiger Beitrag

i love it so far! You know, I'm going to be honest: the grammer, spelling, and some of the storyline needs a little bit of work, but the story is as interesting as it is creepy. I think it's a really good book, you know. You should make a sequel if you haven't already, or at least make it a little longer. As soon as I was finished, I felt disappointed because there wasn't anymore to read. And yes, the ghost Jason is quite the... mehr anzeigen

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Good idea but even if you were typing fast you need to fix it because you cant rush its been months and im still on my first book!

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