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Princess' Dream

The Real Story of Rapunzel of her Lover Von:
Princess' Dream
From the fairy tale, Rapunzel, comes Princess' Dreams. The Real Story of Rapunzel and her Lover.

When Shea comes across a tower, in the middle of the forest, she hears a song. The one who sings saw Shea and hides, but it is too late. Shea saw her and climbed the tower. Shea gained Rapunzel's trust and stole her from that Wicked Witch we all know. See what happens before the witch finds out that Shea Loves Rapunzel...

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beautiful and very very steamy :)

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A delight to read. Fun, and yes, sexy.
nice twist on the old fairy tale.

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I think this story is very good. I like it a lot. I am going to read more of your work. Are you going to add any more to this?

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This story contained many elements. I enjoyed the love scene and thought it was hot. It was sad when Shea was blinded. Yet it was happy when she could see again. The ending was very happy. Nicely done! Best wishes in the contest!

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I had put much effort into making this story a good twist. And coming from you, means a lot. ^_^ Thank you so much.

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