Love, hate, war and peace... Von:
A book of poems. Some about love, some about war. Some are just there. Some will bring pain. Others bring joy. You might cry, if it touches your soul. You might laugh, with joy or happiness.

Those that are Italicized,a re the ones I believe to be very special to me. Please enjoy. (More will be added later on, when I have time.)

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Glynis Rankin

I enjoyed these very much, short and sweet poems of free verse was wonderful and the prose were nice. A lovely group as a whole.

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These were all very lovely poems. I especially liked the first one since you were able to give very accurate scenarios of what love is. I also really enjoyed "Away", the repetition was very melodic and gave it a structure even though it was a free verse poem.
Please be sure to check a few minor typos though, the one that stood out the most was in the first poem when you continued to use your instead of you're. If you fix... mehr anzeigen

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Especially loved Wisdom of Life,Talk To Me and Away.Lovely poems! Would you please check out one of my books?Thanks.

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