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~No Name~

(unfinished) Von:
~No Name~

There's a place where the beasts run wild, and fight for leadership and power. There are humans still alive, yet they hide in caves and tunnels, deep in the earth. The beasts roam the dessert land and I, the queen of these monsters, is human. I have dominated them all, for I have such a strange gift. There is a story for how I became the queen here, the queen of beasts who hate humans, and yet I am human.

This is the story of how I became, who I am...

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No, it is not... ~sighs~ I have been working on it but I keep going back to a certain part and such and editing it, just bare with me, I'll tell yall when its updated.

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WOW! I really liked it! Like the flow of your book. The pace is fast but it does not seem rushed. Do take time to describe things more though, but I hate to gripe at all because I'm liking what you have here so very much. MORE Please. and tell me when you update :|

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