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A Far Country, Complete (Fiscle Part-Xii) Part 2

User: disha
A Far Country, Complete (Fiscle Part-Xii) Part 2
That Winter Many Other Entertainments Were Given In Our Honour. But The
Conviction Grew Upon Me That Maude Had No Real Liking For The Social
Side Of Life, That She Acquiesced In It Only On My Account. Thus, At The
Very Outset Of Our Married Career, An Irritant Developed: Signs Of It,
Indeed, Were Apparent From The First, When We Were Preparing The House
We Had Rented For Occupancy. Hurrying Away From My Office At Odd
Times To Furniture And Department Stores To Help Decide Such Momentous
Questions As Curtains, Carpets, Chairs And Tables I Would Often Spy The
Tall, Uncompromising Figure Of Susan Peters Standing Beside Maude's,
While An Obliging Clerk Spread Out, Anxiously, Rugs Or Wall-Papers For
Their Inspection.

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