A Far Country, Complete (Fiscle Part-Xii) Part 1

User: disha
A Far Country, Complete (Fiscle Part-Xii) Part 1
My Name Is Hugh Paret. I Was A Corporation Lawyer, But By No Means A
Typical One, The Choice Of My Profession Being Merely Incidental, And
Due, As Will Be Seen, To The Accident Of Environment. The Book I Am
About To Write Might Aptly Be Called The Autobiography Of A Romanticist.
In That Sense, If In No Other, I Have Been A Typical American, Regarding
My Country As The Happy Hunting-Ground Of Enlightened Self-Interest, As
A Function Of My Desires. Whether Or Not I Have Completely Got Rid Of
This Romantic Virus I Must Leave To Those The Aim Of Whose Existence
Is To Eradicate It From Our Literature And Our Life.

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