A Hero After The War

In the world shrouded by darkness, a hero will be reborn Von:
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A Hero After The War
In the year 2025, 2 great meteors strike the world. The impact of the meteors was devastating. Many calamities erupted claiming thousands of lives, these calamities were also the reason of pulling and pushing the world’s islands thus creating new lands. Those mega corporations who survived found interest in the meteors infinite energy source thus creating “The Great Energy War.” Further destroying the now damaged earth.
Follow Mac, an amnesiac survivor in the year 2093 as he uncovers secrets from his past while along the way helping people in need, meeting new friend and foe and fighting the mysterious organization, QWO.

Post apocalyptic
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This was an interesting read. I really loved all the action scenes and imagery, especially of the fight between the Snakehounds. But there are some areas that could use some work. There are several redundancies such as
"Inside a ruined building of an unknown island. A group of armed soldiers came crashing in the front door of a high rise building"
You can actually join those two sentences, and you mentioned the building twice... mehr anzeigen

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wow very mysterious and truly action-packed! :)
The mysterious organization and the boy with amnesia is really cool :)
Please update me :D

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