Mr. Fortescue Volume 13

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Mr. Fortescue Volume 13
A Quaint Old Essex Village Of Single-Storied Cottages, Some Ivy Mantled,
With Dormer Windows, Thatched Roofs, And Miniature Gardens, Strewed With
Picturesque Irregularity Round As Fine A Green As You Will Find In The
County. Its Normal Condition Is Rustic Peace And Sleepy Beatitude; And It
Pursues The Even Tenor Of Its Way Undisturbed By Anything More Exciting
Than A Meeting Of The Vestry, The Parish Dinner, The Advent Of A New
Curate, Or The Exit Of One Of The Fathers Of The Hamlet.

But This Morning The Place Is All Agog, And So Transformed That It Hardly
Knows Itself. The Entire Population, From The Oldest Gaffer To The
Last-Born Baby, Is Out-Of-Doors; The Two Inns Are Thronged With Guests,
And The Road Is Lined With All Sorts And Conditions Of Carriages, From The
Four-In-Hand Of The Wealthy Swell To The Donkey-Cart Of The Local
Coster-Monger. From Every Point Of The Compass Are Trooping Horsemen, Some
Resplendent In Scarlet Coats, Their Nether Limbs Clothed In Immaculate
White Breeches And Shining Top-Boots, Others In Pan Hats And Brown
Leggings; And All In High Spirits And Eager For The Fray; For To-Day,
According To Old Custom, The Essex Hunt Hold The First Regular Meet Of The
Season On Matching's Matchless Green.

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