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Reincarnation And The Law Of Karma (Fiscle Part-9)

User: silviya
Reincarnation And The Law Of Karma (Fiscle Part-9)

By "Reincarnation" We Mean The Repeated Incarnation, Or Embodiment In
Flesh, Of The Soul Or Immaterial Part Of Man's Nature. The Term
"Metempsychosis" Is Frequently Employed In The Same Sense, The
Definition Of The Latter Term Being: "The Passage Of The Soul, As An
Immortal Essence, At The Death Of The Body, Into Another Living Body."
The Term "Transmigration Of Souls" Is Sometimes Employed, The Term Being
Used In The Sense Of "Passing From One Body Into Another." But The Term
"Transmigration" Is Often Used In Connection With The Belief Of Certain
Undeveloped Races Who Held That The Soul Of Men Sometimes Passed Into
The Bodies Of The Lower Animals, As A Punishment For Their Sins
Committed During The Human Life. But This Belief Is Held In Disrepute
By The Adherents Of Reincarnation Or Metempsychosis, And Has No
Connection With Their Philosophy Or Beliefs, The Ideas Having Sprung
From An Entirely Different Source, And Having Nothing In Common.

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