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Sidonia The Sorceress V2 (fiscle part-IV)

User: paul
Sidonia The Sorceress V2 (fiscle part-IV)
If Sidonia Could Not Be The Pastor'S Wife, She Was Determined at
Least To Be Sub-Prioress, And Commenced her Preparations For This
Object By Knitting a Little Pair Of Red hose For Her Cat. Then She
Sent For Dorothea Stettin, Saying That She Was Weak And Ill, And
No One Took Pity On Her.

When The Good Dorothea Came As She Was Asked, There Lay My Serpent
On The Bed in her Nun'S Robes, Groaning and Moaning as If Her Last
Hour Had Come; And Scarcely Had The Sub-Prioress Taken A Seat Near
Her, When My Cat Crept Forth From Under The Bed, In his Little Red
Hose, Mewing and Rubbing Himself Up Against The Robe Of The
Sub-Prioress, As If Praying Her To Remove This Unwonted constraint
From Him, Of The Little Red hose.

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