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Wood Folk At School (fiscle part-9)

User: silviya
Wood Folk At School (fiscle part-9)

It May Surprise Many, Whose Knowledge Of Wild Animals Is Gained From
Rare, Fleeting Glimpses Of Frightened Hoof Or Wing In The Woods, To
Consider That There Can Be Such A Thing As A School For The Wood Folk;
Or That Instruction Has Any Place In The Life Of The Wild Things.
Nevertheless It Is Probably True That Education Among The Higher Order
Of Animals Has Its Distinct Place And Value. Their Knowledge, However
Simple, Is Still The Result Of Three Factors: Instinct, Training, And
Experience. Instinct Only Begins The Work; The Mother's Training
Develops And Supplements The Instinct; And Contact With The World, With
Its Sudden Dangers And Unknown Forces, Finishes The Process.

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