Guy Rivers A Tale Of Georgia (Fiscle Part-13) Of 2

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Guy Rivers  A Tale Of   Georgia (Fiscle Part-13) Of 2
Even At This Moment, Munro Entered The Apartment. He Came Not A Moment
Too Soon. Rivers Had Abused His Opportunity Thus Far; And It Is Not To
Be Doubted That He Would Have Forborne None Of The Advantages Which His
Brute Strength Afforded Him Over The Feeble Innocent, Were It Not For
The Interposition Of The Uncle. He _Had_ Lied, When He Had Asserted To
The Girl The Sanction Of The Uncle For His Threatened Crime. Munro Was
Willing That His Niece Should Become The _Wife_ Of The Outlaw, And
Barely Willing To Consent Even To This; But For Anything Less Than
This--Base As He Was--He Would Sooner Have Braved Every Issue With The
Ruffian, And Perished Himself In Defence Of The Girl's Virtue. He Had
His Pride Of Family, Strange To Say, Though Nursed And Nestled In A
Bosom Which Could Boast No Other Virtue.

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